Replace Fantastic Four with Ant-Man and that’s my reaction to a T. Ant-Man, with its millions of directors and scripts and production problems is probably going to be a disaster, but the latest trailer charmed me. I fully intended to dodge Star Wars Episode VII as a kind of protest and payback for J.J. Abrams… » 4/17/15 8:08pm Friday 8:08pm

One of the great joys of the original Marvel Star Wars back in the 1980s was that they a pretty decent portion of the issues between Empire and Jedi following Lando and Chewie as they tried to track down Han's carbonite-ed body. (One suspects they were given limits on what they could do with the primary characters, or… » 4/17/15 10:50am Friday 10:50am

I don't think HRD is being anthropocentric, though. This is one of the problems with taking the Copernican Principle too literally: sure, on the one hand, the odds are that we're a mediocre species on a mediocre world around a mediocre star in a mediocre arm of the galaxy, and we should be humbled by that; on the other » 4/12/15 10:29am 4/12/15 10:29am

The worst of the worst is when it’s “From the studio that brought you,” and the worst of the worst of the worst is when that studio is Universal, Paramount, or one of the other big’uns that’s been around for only, oh, a hundred years plus-or-minus. Yes, you are the studio that brought me Jaws... and also Abbott &… » 4/02/15 9:56am 4/02/15 9:56am

When The X-Files returns, it should be about Agents Reyes and Doggett. Mostly Agent Reyes. There should be very, very little Mulder and Scully. Hopefully they'll bring back Gibson Praise and make him a primary focus of the series; maybe his character could be involved with the latest version of the videogame First… » 3/30/15 4:17pm 3/30/15 4:17pm